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Farm News and CSA 9/25/17

Posted 9/25/2017 9:28am by Anna Cantelmo.


We often refer to this time of year as second spring. While the bounty of the summer is coming into our storage for winter, we are also planting those delectable greens that we all look forward to feasting on all winter long. This makes for some crazy weeks this time of year. Because we winter farm we have little time to make renovations to our greenhouse before they must be planted to have a timely winter harvest. The root zone heating system you see going in here has more to do with better early spring tomato production then with keeping our winter greens warm. Yes, winter production is increased when soil temps are in the 40's. However, we have become really good at growing greens with no extra heat at all. Tomatoes like a soil temp in the 70's. Early April in New England does not yield those soil temps, even in the hoop house. These hot water tubes will be very helpful in getting us there.

Other happenings on the farm this week:

Deer are wiping out the winter squash so it is all hands on deck to get them out of the field before they have taken them all. 

We are going to try to get our first batch of sweet potatoes up and curing. This should get some of them sweet enough to eat in two weeks or so.

Winter spinach is due for planting by the end of the week.

Peppers are making a big fall show of it. The sweet Italian fryers leading the way. Their flavor this time of year can not be beat.
See you this week!
Locally yours,

I wanted to say thank you to all who have participated in the cheese share. Your feedback, support and enthusiasm has been incredibly helpful to me during my first season in production. I really appreciate those of you who’ve introduced yourself at farmer’s markets. I’ve still got room for more cheese share members if you’ve enjoyed it, please tell a friend!
Some of you may have tried batch 424 last week, it will be available again this week if you are interested to try it. Like the Caerphilly, it’s another experimental recipe. Your positive response to the Caerphilly has put it on the permanent line up, the words is still out on batch 424 . We’ve been making Caerphilly steadily and will have it available again in the next couple of weeks.

Holiday gift boxes are in the works, I’ll keep you posted on those! We got the good news that B & G has been accepted into the Seacoast Eat Local winter farmer’s markets at the Exeter High School and Wentworth Greenhouses. We will also be at the Newburyport Farmer’s Market starting this January.


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