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Heron Pond News 10/23/2017

Posted 10/23/2017 7:20pm by Andre Cantelmo.


Welcome to the first week of our winter program! To get us ready for our deep winter pick up's the farm stand location folks should start picking up between Thursday and Sunday. Dover, and Portsmouth location folks will stay with their Tuesday and Wednesday pick up respectfully. Looking forward to a great winter share!

Save the date! Friday November 3ed at 6:00 pm will will have a gathering at the farm with food and fire. Please join us and our crew as we try to outdo each other with pot luck dishes. Please bring a card with what's inside your dish so folks will know what they are getting into, forks, knives, and plates for your family to use. We will have a fire and some smore fixens as well. This is a great chance to meet your farmers ask questions, meet each other, and generally build community. Looking forward to seeing you all there. 
Funny thing happened today. I had to order the grafting stock for our first tomato house that we will plant on March first. I was sitting in the tractor seat getting ready to harvest what is left of this years potatoes when I did it. It used to be I would think of the farming year as having a beginning and an end. Now I think of it more a circle that goes round and round. This week we will plant he last of the winter greens. They will not be harvested until February. By then we will be filling the greenhouses with summer transplants and even some crops that will be for next winter like onions and celeriac. I am so glad that you have joined us on this journey.
See you this week!
Locally yours,

Welcome new cheese share members and hello again to those who have been with the over the summer.  The cheese kitchen is coming up on it’s one year anniversary. While that is exciting, what is really great is that there are wheels that have been aging almost a year! Over the fall and winter I’ll be cutting into some more aged wheels of Tomme, Alpine, a modified Gouda recipe I just have one batch of, and a modified Romano recipe I played with as well. There will also be the curds, Camembert, Herb Rounds, Caerphilly and Hayloft you’ve been seeing all along.
It’s Monday morning as I write this, soon I’ll load up the truck with my bulk tank for hauling milk and head over to Bodwell’s Dairy 10 minutes down the road in Kensington. They are just finishing the milking when I arrive. Thatcher is usually the one milking the cows. My favorite morning at the dairy so far was when the cows were leaving the parlor and Thatcher told me about each one as they walked by- their personalities, who was related to who.
Today I’m making Caerphilly. Make days are usually 10 to 12 hours long followed by a two to three month aging period. Caerphilly takes a little extra time in the vat while the acidity builds and this allows for a shorter aging time. Alpine is a lower acidity make and a pretty quick process in the vat but then benefits from a longer aging period. I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback as these recipes develop! Thanks for supporting the cheese kitchen!
All the best,


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