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Farm Share Pickup 2/22/18-2/28/18

Posted 2/22/2018 2:14pm by Andre Cantelmo.
Hello CSA Community!
That wonderful time has rolled around again and it's time to pick up your Farm Shares, Veggie, Cheese and Flowers, OH Joy!  Not to mention the exciting news about the upcoming season's additional add-ons, Short Creek Pork Share and Hidden Brook Farm Egg Shares! I'm so excited we are working with such great people, bringing you some of the seacoasts best! Sign up today to save the 10% when you pay by February 28th!  And please don't hesitate if you have any questions, just let me know.
For now, I bring you your Veggies:
4lbs Choice of Roots:
Sweet potatoes/Beets/Parsnips/Potatoes
2 Root Choice:
Watermelon Radish/Turnips
2lbs Carrots
6 Apples
2lbs Onions
1 container of Spinach
1 bulb of Fennel

2lbs Choice of Roots:
Sweet potatoes/Beets/Parsnips/Potatoes
1 Root Choice:
Watermelon Radish/Turnips
1lbs Carrots
3 Apples
1lbs Onions
1 container of Spinach
1 bulb of Fennel
Food for Thought
I know we are coming to that point in your winter share where you just may not want to eat another root! May it be the turnips, or beets or even the potatoes; its important to find fresh ideas and spice it up a little.  Sometimes all it takes is putting your spin on the classics. Take potato scallion pancakes for instants, why not try making them with turnips instead of potatoes and fennel and onions instead of scallions. And then there is this fancy breakfast dish destined to impress at any Sunday brunch! Can't wait to try this one! So next time your tired of eating the same old thing ask yourself what you could to spice it up!
Now aside from the mention of fennel in the pancakes above you may be wondering what to do with your fennel bulb. Fennel has the perfect balance between bitter and sweet with a slight licorice taste.  A lot of recipes tend to only use the bulb of the plant or the whites of the fennel plant if you will, however there are lots of different creations you can make using the the stalks and fronds as well. Why not try a fennel fronds pesto. Or add your fennel to a fresh salad, using the bulb, stalk and fronds; either chopped raw, quick pickled, or make a light refreshing lemon fennel dressing. You just simply can't go wrong!  OR perhaps you need to spice up your next roasted root dish. May I suggest parsnips and carrots with a little honey and chopped fennel.Yum!  Then there are apples, this is the best to pair with fennel as it bring out more of its sweetness.  Try an apple fennel slaw or cook it down for an apple fennel sauce, grate a little fresh ginger in there and make it even better! Add your fennel to soups and even roasts. Oh an one more thing in case you haven't heard enough about fennel! Just the other day my love (he's the one that got me to like fennel in the first place) chopped up a couple bulbs with the stalks and fronds, sauteed on a low heat just until they wilt. Then add them to a jar submerging them in olive oil and two days later... Voilà! You have a delightful fennel infused olive oil ready for salads with a spritz of lemon or perhaps some sauteed bok choy and garlic.
That's all for now, hopefully I haven't fenneled you out!
Remember your Pick Up Times:
Farm Stand- Thursday 2/22-Sunday 2/25, 11:00am-6:00pm
Dover, NH - Tuesday 2/27, 3:00-6:00pm
Portsmouth, NH- Wednesday 2/28, 3:00-7:00pm 
* Portsmouth Folks Please Note, your pick up has been extended and extra hour this week as after hours pickup will not be available due to the home owners being on vacation.  Please reach out to Kelsey if you have any questions or concerns, #603-686-0198 . Thanksa
I hope everyone is having a lovely day! As always thank you for all your support in the Farm!
Yours Truly,
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