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Posted 10/8/2012 5:59am by Andre Cantelmo.

     We have a few new additions to the shares this week. Leeks are in and ready to be included in your fall cooking. We've harvested our butternut squash and they are available this week. We normally don't release them until they begin to get that nice tan color that indicates ripeness, and most of them have that now. The broccoli and cauliflower part of the share may include not only the traditional kinds but also purple and romanesco cauliflowers. The purple is self explanatory, but the romanesco for those who aren't familiar is quite different. The head is lime green with numerous spiralled points that make it look almost geometrically perfect. This cauliflower also has a nuttier taste. The greens bags will begin to include some salad greens late in the week and by next week we should be safely into salad greens. We may have only one more week of sweet corn and peppers after this week so enjoy them while they are here!       Greg


                       Full Share                                                              Half Share

        10 ears sweet corn                                                            5 ears sweet corn

         2 winter squash                                                                1 winter squash

         4 peppers                                                                        2 peppers

         4 apples                                                                          2 apples

         4 onions                                                                          2 onions

         2 leeks                                                                            1 leek

         1 Brussels sprout stalk                                                    1 Brussels sprout stalk

         2 lbs potatoes                                                                 1 lb potatoes

         1 lb carrots                                                                      1/2 lb carrots

         1 lb broccoli / cauliflower                                                  1/2 lb broccoli / cauliflower

         1 bunch kale                                                                 1 bunch kale OR 1 bag of greens

         1 bag of greens

Posted 10/1/2012 6:41am by Andre Cantelmo.

      Starting to feel like fall around here! According to weather records our high temps were below normal on 18 days in September. Many of the summer crops are acting accordingly. Last September we were laden with tomatoes and cucumbers in September, but not this year. On the other hand we've had beautiful broccoli, kale and carrots. This week you'll see the first of our brussels sprouts! The sweet corn will be in good supply for this week and probably another before we are at risk of a frost.

      We have already sown greens outside to be harvested in November and December and this week we will make our first sowings indoors for mid-winter harvest. Of course, we've been growing the winter storage crops for many months now. If you haven't enjoyed roasted potatoes and beets and a fresh spinach salad in the middle of January while the snow flies you don't know what you are missing!




                Full Share                                                             Half Share

        6 ears sweet corn                                                      3 ears sweet corn

        2 acorn or delicata winter squash                               1 acorn or delicata squash

        2 sweet peppers                                                        1 sweet pepper

        4 onions                                                                   2 onions

        4 apples                                                                    2 apples

        2 lbs potatoes                                                          1 lb potatoes

        2 lbs carrots                                                              1 lb carrots

        1 lb green beans                                                      1/2 lb green beans

        1 brussels sprout stalk                                              1 brussels sprouts stalk

        1 bunch kale                                                           1 bunch kale or bag of greens

        1 bag of greens

Posted 9/23/2012 8:17pm by Andre Cantelmo.


     The shares are beginning to look suspiciously like fall and perhaps that is appropriate considering the date. Tomatoes are certainly becoming scarce and the weather is too cool for cucumbers, zucchini and summer squash to ripen in any quantity. Beans don't seem to mind and the sweet corn keeps coming. We'll so some scouting this week to see if we can get some leeks or early maturing brussels sprouts into the shares.

     If you are interested in the winter CSA and haven't signed up yet, please visit our website and follow the online registration. We've got a great array of food planned for the winter.   Greg


                   Full Share                                                        Half Share

       3 tomatoes                                                                  1 tomato

       6 ears sweet corn                                                      3 ears sweet corn

       2 acorn or delicata winter squash                               1 acorn or delicata winter squash

       4 onions                                                                    2 onions

       4 apples                                                                      2 apples

       2 lbs potatoes                                                           1 lb potatoes

       2 lbs carrots                                                              1 lb carrots

       1 lb broccoli                                                              1/2 lb broccoli

       1 lb green beans                                                     1/2 lb green beans

       2 sweet peppers                                                        1 sweet pepper

       1 bunch kale                                                         1 bunch kale OR 1 bag baby choi

       1 bag baby choi

Posted 9/17/2012 7:16am by Andre Cantelmo.

This weeks share:


                Full Share                                                             Half Share

    4 tomatoes                                                                    2 tomatoes

   10 ears sweet corn                                                          5 ears sweet corn

    4 onions                                                                        2 onions

    2 lbs potatoes                                                               1 lb potatoes

   2 lbs carrots                                                                   1 lb carrots

    1 lb broccoli                                                                   1/2 lb broccoli

   1 pepper or eggplant                                                       1 pepper or eggplant

   1 acorn squash                                                               1 acorn  squash

   1 bunch basil                                                                  1 bunch basil

   4 apples                                                                         2 apples

   1 bunch kale                                                                1 bunch kale or head of cabbage

   1 head cabbage

Posted 9/10/2012 7:02am by Andre Cantelmo.

     We sure have some crops in great abundance this week. Sweet corn, broccoli, and cabbage in particular but also potatoes, carrots and onions. Cucumbers have fallen out of the share because the whole planting was killed by a plant disease called Downy Mildew. It comes up with storms from the south and kills the plants in as little as 4 or 5 days. Hopefully we'll have cukes from the next planting. Tomatoes are also suffering from a few different blights but we hope to have them through the end of the month. As the weather cools down we will begin harvest of our acorn, butternut, delicata and kabocha squash and get those into the shares.  Greg


                 Full Share                                                               Half Share

     4 tomatoes                                                                   2 tomatoes

     12 ears sweet corn                                                         6 ears sweet corn

     2 lbs potatoes                                                               1 lb potatoes

     2 lbs broccoli                                                                 1 lb broccoli

     2 lbs carrots                                                                  1 lb carrots

     4 onions                                                                       2 onions

     4 peaches or apples                                                       2 peaches or apples

     2 zucchini or summer squash                                          1 zucchini or summer squash

     1 eggplant or pepper                                                     1 eggplant or pepper

     1 head cabbage                                                            1 head cabbage

     1 head garlic                                                                1 head garlic

                                     For both Full and Half choose one:                                                   

                         bunch of kale or bunch of chard or bag of greens

Posted 9/3/2012 4:18am by Andre Cantelmo.

         This weeks' share:


                        Full Share                                                            Half Share

                   8 tomatoes                                                              4 tomatoes

                   4 peaches or apples                                                 2 peaches or apples

                   8 ears sweet corn                                                     4 ears sweet corn

                   2 lbs potatoes                                                         1 lb potatoes

                   4 onions                                                                 2 onions

                   4 cucumbers                                                            2 cucumbers

                   2 green peppers                                                      1 green pepper

                   1 bunch carrots                                                       1 bunch carrots

                   1 lb broccoli                                                            1/2 lb broccoli

                   1 bunch kale                                                    1 bunch kale or 1 head cabbage

                   1 head cabbage                                                    

                   1 bunch hakurei salad turnips

Posted 8/27/2012 4:40am by Andre Cantelmo.

      While this may be the last week of summer, most of our summer veggies haven't gotten the news and are going strong. Eggplant and beans have departed the share only temporarily. Although the deer, coyotes and porcupines have done their best to eat all of your corn we continue to harvest many nice ears. Tomatoes look good and have thus far been spared the late blight. As for cucumbers, the crew is beginning to wish they had never seen one. We are either drowning in cukes or struggling in vain to find some, and right now we are drowning! Enjoy your summer feasts.    Greg


               Full Share                                                              Half Share

            8 tomatoes                                                           4 tomatoes

            6 ears sweet corn                                                   3 ears sweet corn

            4 peaches or apples                                               2 peaches or apples

            4 onions                                                               2 onions

            2 lbs potatoes                                                       1 lb potatoes

            2 zucchini or summer squash                                  1 zucchini or summer squash

            6 cucumbers                                                          3 cucumbers

            1 bunch carrots                                                     1 bunch carrots

            3 peppers                                                              1 pepper

            1 bunch of kale                                                 1 bunch of kale or 1 bag of greens

            1 bag of greens

Posted 8/19/2012 7:48pm by Andre Cantelmo.

      Here we are deep into August and the summer vegetables look great. We finally have a healthy and productive cucumber planting to carry us into the fall. While not super abundant on the farm right now, the sweet corn is delicious. The fall plantings of corn look great and should extend into October. We are beginning to pull the onion crop for curing and it looks fantastic. For the last several weeks your shares have included the Ailsa Craig sweet onions. Soon we'll have red and yellow onions as well as shallots.

     Enjoy the season,  Greg

             Full Share                                                              Half Share

      8 tomatoes                                                                  4 tomatoes

      6 ears sweet corn                                                          3 ears sweet corn

      2 lbs potatoes                                                              1 lb potatoes

      4 peaches or apples                                                      2 peaches or apples

      1 lb green beans                                                           1/2 lb green beans

      4 onions                                                                       2 onions

      6 cucumbers                                                                  3 cucumbers

      2 zucchini or summer squash                                          1 zucchini or summer squash

      2 eggplant                                                                    1 eggplant

      2 green peppers                                                            1 green pepper

      1 bag salad greens                                                        1 bag salad greens

      1 bunch beets                                                               1 bunch beets

Posted 8/14/2012 4:20am by Andre Cantelmo.

   As we near the end of the summer we are saying goodbye to many of our summer help who are off to college. This leaves the farm without enough hands to harvest, plant and weed this fall. We are looking for several candidates to join our field crew this fall and perhaps stay through the winter to help with our winter growing. Experience is preferred but not necessary. An interest in farming and local food issues is helpful. We work in heat, cold and rain without regard for the clouds of mosquitos and deer flies. Lifting as much as 50 or 60 pounds is a regular duty in the course of this job. The positives are a fun and interesting outdoor work environment surrounded by plants and produce. We are also committed to teaching those who would like to become farmers. 

  If this opportunity sounds like a fit for you, contact me at


               Thanks, Greg

Posted 8/13/2012 4:33am by Andre Cantelmo.

       More rain and we're glad to see it. Tomatoes are not only coming from the greenhouse now, but are yielding well in the field also. We are just starting into a nice planting of cucumbers, zucchini and summer squash for those who have missed them the last few weeks. We are temporarily out of greens, but for those with farm stand pickups you can see the next planting in the field next to the farm stand. Making this a short message, have to get outside to the fields.  Greg


             Full Share                                                      Half Share

   8 tomatoes                                                          4 tomatoes

   6 ears sweet corn                                                 3 ears sweet corn

   4 peaches                                                           2 peaches

   2 lbs potatoes                                                     1 lb potatoes

   1 lb snap beans                                                   1/2 lb snap beans

   2 zucchini/ sum squash                                        1 zucchini or sum squash

   1 cucumber                                                         1 cucumber

   4 onions                                                             2 onions

   1 eggplant                                                          1 eggplant or 1 green pepper

   1 green pepper                                                    1 bunch carrots

   1 bunch carrots                                                    1 bunch chard

   1 bunch chard     

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