Field Report

HPF CSA August 2nd - 8th

Posted by Andre Cantelmo :: Saturday, August 1 :: 8:50pm

   While it hasn't exactly been comfortable, this heat wave is helping many crops to grow quickly. Our winter and summer squash plantings needed a heat boost and last week provided that in abundance. Beans make their first appearance in the share thanks also to the heat. In addition to bringing on all these veggies, the heat will allow us to enjoy the cool fall temperatures that aren't that far away!

  While much effort is devoted to harvest at this time of year, we are also working hard on irrigation. Very little measurable rain has fallen here in the last month and the soil is very dry. Many of the crops being watered right now are those that will end up in the winter share. Brussels sprouts, cabbage, winter squash, carrots and celeriac are all coming along and in need of regular water. We'll keep it coming!

   Enjoy the weather and the veggies,    Greg


This weeks share:

                      Full Share                                         Half Share

          6 tomatoes                                                 4 tomatoes

          6 ears sweet corn                                         3 ears sweet corn

          1 lb green beans                                         1/2 lb green beans

          2 onions                                                     1 onion

          1 green pepper                                            1 green pepper

          2 lbs potatoes                                             1 lb potatoes

          2 zucchini/summer squash                           1 zucchini or summer squash

          1 cucumber                                                 1 cucumber

          1 head romaine lettuce                                1 head romaine lettuce

          1 bunch of beets                                         1 bag basil

          1 bag basil




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