Field Report

Heron Pond Farm Winter CSA 10/27, 10/29 & 10/31-11/2

Posted by Andre Cantelmo :: Sunday, October 26 :: 6:24pm

   Well, the corn still lives and you will once again find it in your share. For an autumn that nearly delivered a killing frost on September 18, we may now make it to November without one! As delicious as corn is, and a reminder of summers' warmth, this share mostly reflects the season at hand. For those unfamiliar with watermelon radish, you will find that they bear little in common with any radish you've ever tasted. While they do taste something like a turnip, they are distinguished by their sweetness and of course their beautiful appearance. Leeks are now in the mix and a treat not only at meals but also in their shape and color.

   We are now officially in full swing with storage crop harvest. The root cellar is open and ready to receive the seasons potatoes, which we hope to make a serious dent in this week. At the same time we will begin bringing in rutabagas and celeriac. The list goes on through the third week of November, although hopefully not longer. We are looking forward to our rest once all of the acorns are gathered.


  This weeks share:

    2 lbs potatoes

    1 lb carrots

    1 lb beets

    1 lb watermelon radish

    6 ears sweet corn

    2 winter squash

    2 onions

    2 leeks

    2 lbs broccoli/cauliflower

    6 apples

    1 bunch kale

    1 head cabbage

    1 large bag or 2 small bags salad greens




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