Field Report

Heron Pond Farm Winter CSA 12/15, 12/17 & 12/19-12/21

Posted by Andre Cantelmo :: Sunday, December 14 :: 8:17pm

   Sure was nice to the see the sun today after a very wet and cloudy week. We were able to get out on Thursday and harvest kale and brussels sprouts at the cost of numb fingers and mud encased boots. A little rough at the time but a warm place and a hot lunch erases those memories very quickly!

  We are hoping for time outside Monday and Tuesday to get the parsnips harvested. Before the end of the month we will have the last of the kale and brussels sprouts in as well. Still plenty of cleanup to do around the farm. With some luck the snow will hold off until we bring in our equipment, etc. Salad greens are growing well but we want to hold off until early in the new year so that we can have a continuous supply this winter. Growth comes to a halt soon, even in the greenhouse, and if we start harvesting too soon we'll get ahead of the plants.

  From everyone here at the farm we wish you a happy holiday and new year.


This week's share:

    3 lbs potatoes

    2 lbs carrots

    1 head cabbage

    1 bunch kale

    1 box brussels sprouts

    2 winter squash

    4 onions

    4 apples


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