Field Report

Heron Pond Farm CSA August 17 - 23

Posted by Andre Cantelmo :: Saturday, August 16 :: 4:27am

   There is a definite late summer feel in the air. Chilly mornings, the absence of that July heat and Goldenrod in full bloom. Autumn isn't here yet and we hope for more heat, but the signs of change are all around.

   Our hail damaged crops seem to be recovering well, especially the beets. The smaller lettuce plants that looked so bad after the storm have rebounded nicely. Our mature lettuce is still taking a pounding from the deer. Winter squash still look beat up, but are showing signs of growth.

   As I mentioned, our beets are looking much better and there are some beets in the planting approaching golf ball size. We hope to get those your way soon. Carrots are also finally showing some size and once we get into them, there are enough to keep them in the share for a while. We are also entering a good stretch of greens again. This weeks share has a mix of greens that are just starting to come on, but we will soon have fully mature chard and the full array of salad greens.




              Full Share                                               Half Share

            6 tomatoes                                              3 tomatoes

            2 lbs potatoes                                          1 lb potatoes

            1 lb beans                                                1/2 lb beans

            2 cucumbers                                            1 cucumber

            2 peppers                                                1 pepper

            2 onions                                                  1 onion

            1 eggplant                                               1 eggplant

            1 bunch kale                                    1 bunch kale OR 1 bag of greens

            1 bag of greens


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