Field Report

HPF Summer CSA June 28-July 4

Posted by Andre Cantelmo :: Friday, June 26 :: 6:18pm

  Starting to turn the corner into more diverse harvests on the farm. In addition to some of the new characters on this weeks list like peas, kohlrabi and beets we are very close to harvesting new potatoes! The rain has been great although after we couldn't buy a fraction of an inch for so many weeks we are now struggling to stay on the fields between storms. Drought to flood very quickly!

  Right now on the farm we are trying to keep the planting going while taking care of everything already in the ground. Weeds seem to grow well regardless of the conditions but they do especially well, and grow quickly, when we have plenty of rain. Tomatoes everywhere on the farm look good and the early corn is about to tassel. Carrots and beans are coming along despite a low level assault by our neighborhood deer. Onions look fantastic but will need our attention to free them of weeds. As our favorite farm administrator says, onward!

   Enjoy the veggies,    Greg

This weeks share:

                        Full Share                                       Half Share

               2 tomatoes                                          1 tomato

               1 bag salad greens                         1 bag salad greens or 1 head lettuce

               1 head lettuce                                     1 bunch kale

               1 bunch kale                                       2 heads bok choi

               2 heads bok choi                                1 bunch sprouting broccoli

               1 bunch sprouting broccoli                    1/2 lb sugarsnap peas

               1 lb sugarsnap peas                            1 kohlrabi

               1 kohlrabi

               1 bunch beets



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