Field Report

Last HPF winter CSA pickup at farm stand 4/10-12

Posted by Andre Cantelmo :: Monday, April 6 :: 6:31pm

   Well here we are at last approaching the final pickup of the HPF Winter CSA. What a winter it has been! Although we have yet to see many signs of spring, at least the snow is at last melting. This will be our latest ever start to spring plowing and planting, although the temperatures could turn warm in a hurry. Let's hope that they do!

  We've certainly appreciated growing your veggies and look forward to more of the same this summer. Our summer CSA registration is available via our website or you can contact me and I'll sign you up. We're excited about the upcoming season and the nice weather ahead.



This week's share:

   2 lbs potatoes

   2 lbs carrots

   1 lb parsnips

   1 lb celeriac

   1/4 lb shallots

   1 head green cabbage

   1 bag salad greens


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