Other Share OPtions


Sustainable SHare

$25/month gets you the most affordable CSA membership out there *must enroll in auto-pay

  • One Free "premium" item off the Sustainable Share List every week.

  • Heron Pond Membership Benefits include: invite to all farm events, special U-pick options, and HPF canvas bag

  • 10% off all items HPF sells including everything at farm stand.

  • 52 weeks year round local food


Debit CSA

We are excited to Announce our New Debit CSA Option. This allows you to support us with a payment ahead of time, like with a traditional CSA, but gives you the flexibility to buy what you’d like, when you’d like it at farmers markets.

How it works:

spend $200 get a 6% bonus, totaling $212 on the card

spend $400 get a 9% bonus totaling $436 on the card

spend $650 get an 11.5% bonus Totaling $725 on the card.

Must be used within one year of purchase.