Welcome to the Children's Garden

Little Farmers Workshops are Closed for the Season


The Children’s Garden is a space for everyone to visit and enjoy.  To learn about and observe the growing and harvesting process of nutritional produce. We encourage you and your children to explore the garden and keep in mind the the few guidelines noted below along your way. Thank you!

  • Take your time and learn more about the vegetables and flowers in the garden, using the descriptive signs to help guide you.

  • Please protect the beds, and walk within the paths.

  • When harvesting please make sure you leave enough for others to come and explore.

    • (Each child may harvest one or two items per visit to the garden)

  • Only harvest fruits and vegetables that are fully ripe and ready to eat and enjoy.

  • Please return any harvest tools to the farm stand.

Throughout the season we host Little Farmers Workshops. Through art and exploration we learn more about the plants and fruits we grow, critters that live within the garden, bees and pollination,  and the importance of composting; the list continues as the season grows and the topics are ever changing!