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1st HPF Winter CSA pickup! October 20, 22 & 24-26

Posted by Andre Cantelmo :: Saturday, October 18 :: 7:18pm

   The upcoming week marks the beginning of your winter CSA share pickups. Glad to have all of you on board this winter and looking forward to a great winter of produce!

   I will be sending out this newsletter each weekend with details about your share. Folks in Dover will be the first to pickup each week on Monday. Portsmouth shareholders on Wednesday and South Hampton farm standers Friday through Sunday. For those of you who pickup in South Hampton this means that you will often receive this email BEFORE you even pick up the previous weeks' share. With Dover on Monday, I want to get this email out a day ahead of their pickup. Hope that this causes minimum confusion.

  For those who are new to our CSA we welcome you! I will send out reminder emails this week with the address and times of your pickup. The addresses of our remote pickups are also available on our website.

  Salad greens continue to come in strong and we have several types available. We now have lots of Honeycrisp apples from our friends at Apple Hill Farm. We'll try to make sure that everyone sees some of these. We are in between broccoli plantings right now. White cauliflower is coming in and the romanesco type is trickling in. Butternut, delicata, acorn and kabocha are the winter squash we have available.

  There are two items that will not appear on your share list, but may be available depending on the weather Sunday night (a potential freeze). We have both green beans and sweet corn in the field. IF these crops survive the night, we will include them in your shares. Think warm thoughts!


  Your share this week:

2 lbs potatoes

2 lbs carrots

1 lb beets

6 apples

1 large bag salad greens

1 bunch kale

1 lb broccoli/cauliflower

2 winter squash

1 head cabbage

2 peppers


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