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The farm stand will be closed for Thanksgiving and will reopen Thursday Dec. 3rd


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Updated 11/21/15




Romanesco Cauliflower


Turnips, Purple Top and Scarlet Queen


Brussels Sprouts

Sweet Potatoes

Potatoes, Russets, Purple, Red White, Gold, Nicola

Fingerling Potatoes, Magic Molly, Russian Banana, Amarosa


Bok Choy



Napa Cabbage



Salad Greens

Watermelon Radish

Butternut Squash

Delicata Squash

Kabocha Squash

Onions, Sweet, Red and Yellow



Braising Greens


Field Report

HPF Winter CSA 11/16, 11/18 & 11/19-22

Posted by Andre Cantelmo :: Sunday, November 15 :: 3:57pm

  Yesterday's chilly, windy weather sure had me thinking of the season yet to come. With most leaves off the trees the landscape has really got that November look about it. Our potato harvest is in the books and late this week we finished bringing in the watermelon radish as well. The week ahead will see many more crops brought in from the field and into winter storage. All of our winter greens look great and we hope to have them in abundance when the weather turns frigid.

  This will be the last share before Thanksgiving for those who pickup at the farm stand. We'll see everyone in Dover and Portsmouth one more time before the holiday. With that in mind we always beef up the last share for folks at the farm stand. Next weekend farm stand shareholders can double up on any three of the following choices above and beyond the basic share: Potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, brussels sprouts, onions and winter squash. The share in Dover and Portsmouth will be as listed below.

  The last shares before the holiday in Dover and Portsmouth will feature similar choices. Dover will have it's pickup as usual on Monday the 23rd. In Portsmouth we like to move up the share to Tuesday ahead of the holiday since so many will already be traveling or beginning their cooking on Wednesday. Same time, 3:00 to 6:00, but Tuesday instead of Wednesday.


This week's share:

     2 lbs potatoes

     2 lbs sweet potatoes

     2 lbs carrots

     4 onions

     2 leeks

     1 lb watermelon radish

     1 bag salad greens

     1 head of Napa cabbage

     1 brussels sprout stalk

     2 winter squash

     6 apples