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Field Report

Farm News and CSA Dover & Portsmouth

Posted by Andre Cantelmo :: Monday, November 21 :: 7:43am

Happy Thanksgiving folks!  

We have been busting a lot of food out of the fields to get ready for the cold that is on its way. I have not had the kind of time to write those nice long newsletters that most of you are used too. Nevertheless, we keep moving forward and are happy for our first real break of the season.  

The last crop to get out of the ground is the carrots. We have maybe 30,000 pounds to collect yet. This means great carrots for your share all winter but also for the local food system. If you have seen this years winter crop then you already know how nice they are.  

This weeks share is a big one. We know many of you have a big meal to get ready for this week. Remember, that this is two weeks worth of food. There is no CSA pick up next week. This marks the turn where we go two weeks between shares till spring.  

Have a great holiday  


                                   Full                      Part

Leeks                             2                          2

Celeriac                          2                          1

Greens                           1                          1

Carrots                           2                          1

Apples                            3                          3

Squash/                          2                          1 

Pie Pumpkins

Sweet Potato                   2                          1

Brussels Sprouts              1                          1

Kale                               1/2#                     1/2#

Broccoli/Romenesco/         1#                       1# 

Cauliflower Choice          

Roots                               3#                        1#