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Winter Squash, butternut, acorn, kabocha, pie pumpkin & delicata 

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Fennel Leeks
Cabbage Jalapenos
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We also stock local eggs, meat, milk, cream,

honey, maple syrup, and granola!



Field Report

Heron Pond News 10/24/16

Posted by Andre Cantelmo :: Monday, October 24 :: 5:44am

We are looking forward to this years Winter CSA. On Sunday, Jon and I planted over 4600 plants in the green house above. We hope to do much more planting this week. Put this together with the houses already planted and it looks to be a veggie packed winter.

The beginning of the Winter Share means it is time to take care of all outstanding balances. Unless you have made a payment plan with us please check your balance here,then bring a check with you to the first pick up. We would like to get these squared away with in the next few weeks.

Thanks for joining us this winter!
See you this week!
Locally yours,

How Do You Stay Out of the Weeds?

We use steam to help us control winter weeds in the greenhouses. There are an entire group of weeds that haunt the winter grower. These weeds will out do any of your winter crops and take over. We run a tube down a bed and cover the tube with a tarp. The tarp is help down by chains and steam is injected into the tube. The soil is brought to 180 degrees and held there for 20 minuets. Then presto! weed-free winter without pesticides.
First Winter Share

Last of the Beans? 

Seems Like every year we get to start the Winter Share with the last gasp of summer flavor. This year is no different. Beans will be around at least this week. Depending on how they hold up in the cooler they may last a bit longer. Lets all hope for the best,
CSA Share 10/24/16
                        Full                        Partial 
Lettuce             2                            2
Beans               2#                          1#
Apples              4                            4
Carmen            3                            3
Bell Peppers    3                             3
Kale                  1                             1
Onions             1#                         1/2#
Potatoes           2                            1
Group 1:          2                            1
Winter Squash
Group 2:          3#                          1#


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