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Field Report

HPF CSA January 28-31, February 1 & 3

Posted by Andre Cantelmo :: Thursday, January 28 :: 8:42am

  Our current respite from winter's cold and wind is much appreciated around here. Not to mention that we happily missed the big blizzard that pounded our neighbors to the south. The sun feels different over the last week or so and the birds have begun to pipe up a bit. We're not out of winter's grip yet, but these are hopeful signs.

  Lots of great roots in this share, all but rutabaga have previously appeared in this winter share. Rutabagas are excellent roasted, mashed or in soups. At our house we peel them and tend to either roast them or put them into soups with parsnips, potatoes and carrots. That's some great winter eating!

  After this share's head lettuce, we won't see any for a little while but our bagged salad greens will continue with one type or another through the winter. In the weeks ahead you can expect a frozen surprise to grace the share. 

  Best, Greg


This week's share:

       2 lbs potatoes

       2 lbs carrots

       1 lb sweet potato fingerlings

       1 lb watermelon radish

       1 lb parsnips

       1 rutabaga

       4 red onions

       1 butternut squash

       4 apples

       1 bag salad greens

       1 head of lettuce