Field Report

HPF CSA August 30 - September 5

Posted by Andre Cantelmo :: Friday, August 28 :: 7:19pm

   We've got corn this week folks. Sometimes when you have corn you have a whole lot of it! Heirloom yields have fallen to almost none, but the next planting is coming on strong and hopefully the upcoming heat will bring us some tasty antique treats in the middle of next month. Red tomatoes are still producing. Peppers and eggplant looking good.

  Beans can only tolerate so many weeds before they refuse to cooperate. The beans planned for this week and next have staged a work stoppage. We'll try and prevail upon their neighbors to be more cooperative in the near future. Our fall crops look very solid and already we are beginning to consider their harvest. We'll keep you posted.

    Eat well and enjoy your veggies!     Greg

This weeks' share:

                Full Share                                          Half Share

        12 ears sweet corn                                    6 ears sweet corn

        3 tomatoes                                               2 tomatoes

        3 onions                                                   2 onions

        3 cucumbers                                             2 cucumbers

        1 lb carrots                                              1/2 lb carrots

        2 lbs potatoes                                          1 lb potatoes

        2 green peppers                                       1 green pepper

        1 sweet pepper                                         1 sweet pepper

        1 eggplant                                               1 eggplant

        1 bag salad greens                                   1 bag salad greens

        1 bunch kale                                            1 bunch kale

        4 Brookdale Farm peaches                         2 Brookdale Farm peaches



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