Field Report

HPF CSA July 26-August 1

Posted by Andre Cantelmo :: Friday, July 24 :: 7:15am

  Sweet corn is here at last! The planting is far enough along that we have good picking. Tomatoes continue to come in strong from the greenhouses and the Haygrove. We have a fair amount of basil, some genovese and some lemon. You'll find a small bag available for your shares. Our summer cabbage has also come ready so enjoy a saute before the heat returns, or a slaw once it does.

  We've left beets out of the share this week to give the planting a rest but they will return next week. Carrots might have been ready for next week, that is before the deer came in a destroyed a quarter acre in a week. Drastic measures are being carried out to ensure that this doesn't happen again.

  I've had several inquiries about blueberries. The truth is that we have a very poor crop, perhaps less than half of what we have on average. I don't believe there is any one reason but the winter did play a role in that we had considerable damage to the fruit bearing twigs. Anyone who has taken a walk through the patch will have noticed the dead branches, far more than in any other year that I have seen. There are some berries around and they will continue to ripen for the next two weeks or so. Anyone in the CSA who is interested is welcome to come by and pick their own as part of the share. One quart for full share, one pint for a half share. The crop is bound to be better next season but this is just how it goes in farming. Nothing is for certain out there!

      Enjoy,    Greg

This weeks' share:

                   Full Share                                             Half Share

           6 tomatoes                                                 3 tomatoes

           2 lbs potatoes                                             1 lb potatoes

           4 ears sweet corn!                                        2 ears sweet corn!

           2 onions                                                     1 onion

           1 head cabbage                                           1 head cabbage

           1 head lettuce                                             1 head lettuce

           1 small bag of basil                                     1 small bag of basil

           1 green pepper                                           1 green pepper

           2 zucchini or summer squash                     1 zucchini or summer squash


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