CSA Testimonials


Member since 2018

“Really look forward to my weekly Heron Pond farm share in Dover year round (except for spring planting season)! Great way to take advantage of discount! Only have to travel one mile from home and love the choice system. Weekly newsletter with choices available helps you plan your meals and shopping list and healthy recipes provided!”


Member since 2018

“We love our CSA share! The variety and quality of the produce and fruit has been wonderful. The corn and tomatoes are particular favorites but everything is delicious. It really is a great value to get healthy food that is local and fresh for a reasonable cost. We just signed up for a winter share!”


Member Since 2015

“I love our CSA - it's the ultimate win-win-win situation. We get the freshest food, and we are automatically eating with the seasons, so it has a positive impact on our health. We get to support a local business that is passionate about growing food to feed the community. We ultimately save money while eating the best produce we can get. Our food habits also have a much smaller impact on the environment than food we would otherwise buy at a supermarket. Heron Pond makes it really convenient with their pick up locations and they're really great to work with. All in all, I think everyone should get a CSA if they can, and I think Heron Pond is the best which is why I've stuck with them for years!”